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Email Marketing – Tips & Tricks to survive in 2019

You need to make your emails stand out against the enormous bundle of emails that land in your contacts’ inboxes every day. If you struggle with increasing your open rates, generating leads & converting customers using email, just continue reading.

Here are the 15 effective email marketing tips that will help you stand out against the competition & grow.

1. Attain a marketing automation solution with an automatic email builder

There are multiple marketing automation solutions out there, but many are clunky & challenging to navigate. Be sure to select an MA solution that has an easy to use, drag & drop email builder. Having this will allow even the most non-tech-savvy user to create professional-looking emails in a flash.

2. Create custom templates & add your branding

Built-in templates are great when you’re getting started. But to ensure & leverage your effective email marketing efforts to the next level, you need your branding in front as well as in the center. Create custom email templates that use your company’s brand style guidelines to increase brand awareness among your potential clients.

3. Personalize your emails

Again, with all that data at your disposal, you can send targeted, personalized emails to your audience. Instead of sending a blanket email about your product to your prospects, send one to only those in the construction industry in India (for example). You will engage your audience a bit more if you can speak to the specific pain points of a segmented target audience.

4. Leverage A/B testing

A/B testing can be your best friend. Use it to test different subject lines, email body copy, images & more. A/B testing supports you hone in on the best options to generate maximum engagement. This is one of the only ways to ensure effective email marketing practices.

5. Use videos in your emails

People love video content & want to see more of it in their emails. Inculcating videos in your emails is a great email marketing strategy. It enhances engagement & leads to more conversions.

6. Keep sales in the loop

When executing an email marketing campaign, or just sending a one-off email, be sure to alert sales. So that they could perceive what potential customers are reading & learning. This will help them connect better with prospects & close more deals.

7. Circle back with former customers

Did a customer leave you for a competitor? Check back in with them six months or a year later to see how their new product or service is working out. If they are having issues, you may be able to win them back with an email that includes a special offer.

8. Use email drip campaigns

Email drip campaigns consist of a series of emails that are pre-drafted, loaded into the system & are sent at specified times, or sent based on actions taken by leads. Utilize them to send a welcome series to new customers, run nurture campaigns & more.

9. Run nurturing campaigns

Speaking of lead nurturing, your MA system allows you to set up & run lead nurturing campaigns easily. These are essential if you want to convert more leads & grow your business. Learn more about running a successful lead nurturing campaign.

10. Ensure mobile responsiveness

More & more people are reading emails on mobile devices these days. Be very specific that the emails you send from your MA solution are mobile responsive. So that the maximum number of people can easily read your email.

11. Include images

Images engage most people more than plain text. Including an image in your email is a great way to increase click-through rates. Just don’t overdo it. Limit it to one image per email. Otherwise, the email will look too busy & it won’t be clear what the call to action (CTA) is.

12. Align email marketing with social media

Whenever you send marketing emails to release new content, special offers, or anything else worth sending, make a habit to share it on social media as well. Regulating what you push out on social media with your email marketing increases the reach of your content & message.

13. Use an email welcome series

When a new customer signs up, or a prospect signs up for a free trial, use system triggers to automatically send them a series of welcome emails. The following sequence works well:

  • Welcome them into the relationship & provide contact info in case they want to approach you.
  • Follow up after a few days with an email with “how-to” guides to ensure they are satisfied using your product or service.
  • A week later send them an email with valuable content (such as eBooks or white papers) that will help them solve common problems.

14. Limit the links in your email to a minimum

Your CTA should be the centerpiece of your email. Avoid adding in various hyperlinks to your text, as it will only confuse the reader & may drive them clicking away, ignoring or missing your CTA.

15. Measure your efforts

With effective & powerful email tracking techniques, you can measure email open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribes, bounces, spam complaints, & more. Doing so provides insight into what is producing results & what needs some extra work. Plus, it allows you to make data-driven decisions about how to move your email marketing efforts forward.

Email marketing remains the backbone of a solid digital marketing presence.

But don’t rely solely on email marketing. Incorporate it into multichannel campaigns that are sure to reach your customers & prospects on the channel they look to most for information.
Do that & practice the tips mentioned above & you’ll be able to establish an effective email marketing presence that will generate more leads, convert more prospects into customers & help you grow your business at a faster rate.

Future Trends – The Future of Email Marketing

1. The non-linear funnel

Earlier it was believed that prospects go through a cone – they start at the top where they either learn more about the product & service or opt-out, moving down to the narrower bottom half where they then close the deal.
However, advancements in technology brought new marketing tools, so leads can now be gathered & nurtured in different, multiple touchpoints.
Email became & will continue to be an excellent tool for nurturing leads at any stage.

2. Nurturing & not selling

Speaking of leads, they can come in at any point of their purchasing process, but the fact remains stable that they need to be nurtured anyhow. It’s long been proven that aggressive email marketing does not help – in fact, you will start being a nuisance & your emails will likely be ignored.
Your Leads can turn cold if you use bad tactics. Establish a balance between being informative & exciting them towards the purchasing stage. Instead of just hard-selling, focus on sending out helpful/meaningful content so customers have more reasons to trust you.

3. Targeted automation

Automation isn’t just about making tasks easier to manage. For instance, automated email campaigns are helping marketers create personalized messages for specific & targeted audiences.
This is done by creating targeted workflows that are triggered by user engagement or behavior & are not dependent on marketers choosing a time to send out messages. This means that your prospects & clients only get messages that are relevant or of interest to them, at the right time.

  • A recent survey reported that targeted emails might likely generate half of a company’s email marketing revenue, as opposed to non-targeted ones. In addition, HubSpot said that targeted emails could account for 58% of earnings & increase profits up to 18% more.

With these numbers, expect targeted campaigns to be even more targeted, as email marketing continues to become smarter, engaging only with audiences who find value in it.

4. Hyper-personalization

The pitfall of automation is that your message may come across as robotic. If it does, people won’t read it, no matter how informative you think it is for them. That’s where the human touch – personalization – comes in; it’s 2019 & your audience still wants authentic connections with brands.
Personalization is not just about knowing your audience by name or having an over-the-top design: It’s all about making your customers sense as you know them personally.
When reaching out to your audience, use location information, purchase history or any other data that can clue you in on their next actions. Take advantage of predictive analysis, as well.

5. Integrating with other marketing channels

Your digital marketing channels should be consolidated to work on shared goals. For your future scheduled campaigns, use email marketing to link to your blogs & social media accounts that may hold relevant images, videos & content. Recognize it as a way to maximize your business goals.

6. Interactive & text-only emails

The days of plain-text emails may be long gone but marketers are witnessing a shift in consumer preference when it comes to emails. Experts have found that most users appreciate text-only emails that do not overuse HTML styles because they better “resemble a personal message that comes from a family member or friend,” & seem less sales-oriented.
This shift may likely be the result of email marketing filling inboxes with advertisements that look spammy.
Text-only emails are once again have started to become popular, but the content should be really interactive. This could include image galleries, quizzes & GIFs. Apart from just giving information, some users find the design exciting. Plus, an interactive piece of content fosters engagement.

7. A focus on privacy & data security

With controversies surrounding hacking & misuse of personal data, governments throughout the world are placing more aggressive measures for data privacy, most notably the European Union passing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law.
GDPR also affects the “gathering & sharing of third-party info for anyone whose email content reaches a member of the EU.”
In light of this, marketers should be more careful with their new campaigns, especially if they want to continue gaining leads from all around the world.

8. Mobile optimization

A few stats to prove that the future is mobile (including email marketing):

It seems like it’s not enough to simply send emails – you need to create designs that can be retrieved & read on mobile devices. It’s also important to note how, when & where your emails are being opened, as it can drastically affect your campaigns.
For your email strategies to continue working in the future, you must keep in mind these trends & learn more about it.


If you’re still wondering whether email marketing is a viable investment in 2019 or not? The answer is a resounding “YES!” Just make sure that you’re leveraging more advanced strategies to match email users evolving expectations. Email marketing may be one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, but it’s surely not obsolete. On the contrary, it still has the power to make or break your business, so you better prepare for the coming trends & embrace the state-of-the-art tactics in this field.

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