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Holding over 330 million monthly engaged users & a young demographic to boot, Twitter is one of the best platforms for most of the digital marketers.
Starting up a Twitter page for your company is very easy. Anyone can begin with a Twitter handle, they just need to upload a profile photo, fill out an engaging bio & they are ready to send out their first Tweet.
What’s not so easy, however, is growing your Twitter account & turning it into an actual tool that generates leads & builds up your brand.
Gaining a real following on Twitter needs much more than just sending out Tweets whenever your company has a product release or a forthcoming event. It’s all about engaging with your target audience & communicating with them. Twitter marketing is powerful if practiced rightly. If you can run along with this fast-paced social networking site, you’ll surely unlock new opportunities to grow your business online.

What Makes Twitter Different?

Your approach to each & every social media site should be a bit different.
Learning how Twitter works & where it fits in the social media landscape will shape your vision in the way you want it.
Some of the Twitter trends businesses use include:

  • Sharing information & content
  • Driving engagement for promotional activities
  • Interacting with consumers
  • Networking
  • Branding
  • Reputation management

As you can relate from the above trends that most of these activities have to do something or the other with interactions. It’s not just about broadcasting your content like Instagram or Pinterest, Twitter advances the communication level.
It’s high time to go beyond the “set up your profile correctly” & “follow influencers” typical old tips.

We’ll go over real, rock-solid Twitter marketing strategies that will help you be more successful, & the measures you need to build & raise your market like the pros.
If you’re fascinated in, how to market your business on Twitter? keep reading.

Social Media Marketing—Why Twitter?

Regular & professional use of Twitter can benefit your company to fulfill your social media marketing needs. Your progress on Twitter depends on your specific goals, of course, but there are some reliable strategies that can start you off on the right track. By constantly keeping these tactics in mind, you can speed up your progress toward your goals.

Branding – If you convey good information through your tweets continuously, people will start to recognize you on Twitter & they may also end sharing your posts. So, your brand name, company name, & personal name will start to grow in your industry niche. Being aware of who you are & who you aren’t is very decisive on Twitter. You only have 140 characters to express your thoughts, so every word even every letter matters. Your company’s brand & voice seep into every interaction, passive or active, that you have on here.
As you grow, you will naturally get a sense of what the idealized brand representative should be like? How should they talk? How should they respond to conflict? How should they joke around?
Questions like these may initially seem silly, but it’s better to answer them ahead of time than to create answers based on your mood or the amount of sleep or coffee you’ve had in a given moment.

Voice – Consistency of voice is very important, as people like to know what to expect in their interactions with you. Over time, this consistency will help you build trust & confidence with your audience.
Also, ensuring your account name & profile are filled out according to your brand guidelines is very critical. Assume of these fields as your “first impression.” Many people will visit a Twitter profile only once to decide whether they want to follow you or not. Your bio should be to the point & your handle branded & appropriate. Your location should very accurately represent where you are, as this can positively affect your followers count.
Controlling your follower: following ratio can benefit you further establish credibility, reflecting that you care enough to follow your community members back.

Responsiveness – Due to the concise format & quick pace of Twitter, it’s necessary to respond to your community as swiftly as possible. The platform makes it easy for people to find your brand & you’re sure to get many customer services requests that need your immediate attention. If you ignore an important tweet for too long, you may find that one person’s voice is soon amplified by their followers. Also, don’t just react to emergencies or questions—make sure you also say hello & regularly respond to kudos given to your brand. As you grow, you’ll figure out how to deal with all these events also keep in mind that too much tweeting can be problematic..

Measurement – The beauty of Twitter is that data present here is plentiful & the tricky part is establishing these measurement frameworks & dashboards firmly so that they adjust as perfectly as possible with your business objectives & goals. Data is what really impacts your bottom line in social media; it helps you to tell your own story & find both opportunities & successes.

Tips & Tricks for Winning Twitter
  • Actively participate in Twitter chats that looks relevant to the interests of your brand’s customers. You’ll find like-minded personalities to help expand your network.
  • Save searches for common interests or popular hashtags(#) to find out what people are talking about those topics.
  • Use trending tools like Followerwonk or Twellow to find like-minded users. Also, have a sharp look at who they interact with & try to engage with those communities too.
  • Tools like Xobni & Rapportive blend with Outlook & Gmail to help you uncover the social profiles of people you already know.
  • Twitter’s Discover experience can benefit you to dive into different conversations. Do check out Twitter Categories, which allows you to browse the best accounts over a wide variety of topics.
  • Add images to tweets to increase retweets
  • Utilize Twitter video for even more engagement
  • Conduct polls to interact with followers
  • Use creative CTAs
  • Use Twitter to double A/B test headlines
  • Reach out to influencers for more exposure
  • Harness the power of Twitter Ads

Employ tracking & variables in all of your shared links. This will assist you to better evaluate the success that individual content pieces hold. Closely analyze the day & time your audience is most active: the types of content they often engage with & also the style & tone of the language they adore. From there you can better understand how to engage & what to share with your community.

Be interesting – Actually, there’s nothing worse than boring tweets. The term “boring” is usually prejudiced, you should always try to sound interesting to your target audience. Streams that regularly push promotional messaging get old too fast. How can you expect to establish a good brand loyalty when the only thing you say is, “Here’s 50% off [something]?” There should be more than that you can say about your business & if there’s not, you probably need a new lens(mentally) to view your organization through.

Add value – It’s important to be consistently present or active, but not so chattering that you tweet simply to hear yourself speak. Every tweet you send must add value in some or the other way. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself why you would want to see this information if you were a follower?

Establish Stronger Relationships – Many of your ideal customers are probably already on Twitter, if not then will be soon. This indicates you should opt for Twitter asap! Twitter empowers you to send short, quick messages called tweets to your target market. If you provide customers with up-to-date knowledgeable information, they will appreciate it & will be attracted to your site & the chances are much higher that they might keep your business in their minds while thinking about the products or services like yours & ends up dealing with you.

Monitoring – Twitter is also an ultimate news source for your business. Controlling & observing what consumers are gossiping about your product, brand, company or service is a tool that was not trendy before social media. Also, the ability to reply directly & immediately to someone is very essential for building trust among your customers. In addition, it’s always advantageous to know what’s happening in your industry & scope out your competition!

Improve Organic Search Engine Rankings – Social media marketing possesses a well-structured strategy & the end result is it should bring users to your website. Tweets that have links to your blog articles will definitely generate inbound hits, which lets Google rank your site higher!

Wrapping It Up!

Do remember, an online conversation is not always positive. Negative feedbacks, customer complaints & unfavorable reviews all need to be managed very professionally so that negative feelings can be transformed into positive ones. Agreed Technologies is experienced with social media marketing & finding the best solution for your business. We know that every client has different requirements & demands & that’s why we are dedicated to giving you the best customized services possible.
Get in touch with us to get started on your social media marketing plan today!

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