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How To Generate 10K Visitors For A Brand New Blog


Hey everyone, here’s a little secret…

In the last week, we’ve gotten over 45,000 visitors to our blog.

how to generate 10k visitors

So in this post, we will tell you how to generate 10K visitors to your blog & then some.

Today, we’re going to show you the 7 steps you need to take in order to get 10,000 visitors to your blog.

7 Steps On How To Generate 10K Visitors To Your Blog

Step 1: Do It Bigger And Make It Better
Step 2: Optimize Your Blog for SEO
Step 3: Reach Out To Related Blogs to Get Backlinks
Step 4: Reach Out To Blogs Sharing Your Competitors’ Top Content
Step 5: Start Collecting Emails
Step 6: Enable Push Notifications For Your Blog
Step 7: Send Out A Blast To Your Audience

Step 1: Do It Bigger And Make It Better

Here’s a fact: There are over 4.4 million blog posts being published every day.

how to generate 10k visitors

It’s easy to look at this and think that there’s no way you can compete with all the noise on the Internet already.


Many blogs out there are not thoroughly written, researched, or informative enough to help someone.

And a lot of the blogs there are not kept up-to-date.

There is always going to be a need for quality, up-to-date information regarding any subject matter.

Therefore, the first step on how to generate 10K visitors to your blog is to commit to creating content that is bigger and better than the rest.

If you and your competitor are publishing the same blog post, you should make it your goal to beat them on every level.

This means your blogs need to be longer and the information needs to be more helpful. It should be easy to read and digest.

Ultimately, you need to provide the best possible answer to the information you are writing about.

For example, in our blogs, we consistently write over 1,000 words.

We embed social media video from our YouTube channel. And, we add tons of images to help explain the topics we’re talking about.

how to generate 10k visitors

Step 2: Optimize Your Blog for SEO

If you have the best content on your blog, then the hard part is out of the way.

Now you need to make it easy for search engines to rank it.

Trust us, they want to provide the billions of searches on their platform with the best information.

If your website is on WordPress, you can use an SEO tool like Yoast to help you optimize your blogs for SEO best-practices.

how to generate 10k visitors

It will help you optimize your posts for the keywords you want to rank for.

But what if you do not know the keywords you want to rank for?

Then you can use a tool like the Keyword Planner on Google to help you find keywords that are highly searched and relevant for your business.

how to generate 10k visitors

You can even take it a step further by doing keyword research before you write any blog.

This way, you already know what people are searching for and can provide the best information to them.

Here are some keyword research tips to help you with this.

Step 3: Reach Out To Related Blogs to Get Backlinks

Another way to drive traffic to your blog and also improve SEO rankings is to do some outreach.

Check out this email that Canva sent to us a while back.

how to generate 10k visitors

MJ found one of our blog posts and recommended that we added a blurb from their blog to our post to make it even better for our audience.

In return, he’s hoping to get a backlink back to his website for that piece of information.

Here’s another example.

This is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book.

how to generate 10k visitors

Daisy noticed that one of the links in our SEM blog was broken, which basically means when people click it, they are redirected to a page that does not exist.

But not only did Daisy point this out, but she also suggested that we replaced the broken link with a link on her website for a blog that she has already written.

This is a powerful tactic because not only is she pointing out an error on our blog…

…but she is also recommending an immediate fix, while also scoring a backlink to her website.

So how can you do this?

Once you’ve written a great blog post and optimized it for SEO, search around for other blogs related to your blog post.

You can prospect a group of related blog posts where you think your blog can add value, reach out to them, and start scoring some backlinks.

We know this sounds like hard work, but it works.

And a lot of people today are simplifying this with automated email outreach or hiring virtual assistants to do this for them.

Step 4: Reach Out To The Blogs Sharing Your Competitors’ Top Performing Content

Remember those competitor blog posts that are nowhere near the quality of your posts?

It’s time to punish them.

You can reach out to the websites that are linking to your competitors’ top-performing blog posts.

You can do this by going to a website like Buzzsumo and punching in your competitor’s URL.


Once you do this, you can start viewing websites that are sharing similar types of content.

Then you can reach out to those people via email and acknowledge that they shared your competitor’s article.

how to generate 10k visitors

And then, let them know that you have a similar one out!

Be sure to point out any unique factors that your article covers that your competitors didn’t cover in theirs.

And also include the link to your article and let them know that if they like it, they should share it.

Step 5: Start Collecting Emails

The next step you need to take in order to generate 10,000 visitors for your brand new blog is to start collecting email addresses from your audience.

If you’re not collecting emails, you won’t be able to get people to come back to your site.

Some will venture back to your site on their own.

But, you need a way to communicate to your audience when you create new content so that everyone in your audience can easily click back to your site.

There are many free services that you can use to build your list of email subscribers and collect email addresses.

Some of these tools are Mailchimp and Hellobar.

free digital marketing tools


There are also different methods you can collect email addresses through like your website.

  • You might decide to collect them through submission forms placed in a location of your choosing.

how to generate 10k visitors

  • Or you may decide to try to collect them from pop-ups as soon as someone visits your website.

how to generate 10k visitors

Look, we know email marketing isn’t the sexiest topic, but let’s look at the facts.

  • In 2019, there were 3.9 billion email users. That number is projected to grow to 4.3 billion by 2023.
  • Whether you like email or not, the fact is that half of the world’s population uses email.

Step 6: Enable Push Notifications For Your Blog

Push notifications are desktop or mobile notifications that send people back to your website.

bring traffic to a new website

We love push notifications because it’s very easy for people to subscribe.

They can subscribe without requiring them to provide their name, email, or any other personal information.

In the last 30 days alone, we’ve gained over 5,000 push subscribers and generated over 1,700 clicks back to our website.

how to generate 10k visitors

So we think it’s safe to say that push notifications work very well.

There are dozens of tools out there, but we are currently using Aimtell to do this for LYFE.


Step 7: Send Out A Blast To Your Audience

Now that you have a list of email and push subscribers, you should start sending blasts out each time you publish a new blog post.

To hook your audience, you first have to have a strong email subject line.

And this is because people won’t read the rest if the subject line doesn’t grab their attention first!

Here is an example of some of the subject lines we use in our own email blasts.

how to generate 10k visitors

Getting creative with your text can help with the overall effectiveness of your blasts.

Here’s a post that tackles some of the great email blast examples that you can read next.

How To Generate 10K Visitors: Final Takeaways

So those are the 7 steps on how to generate 10K visitors to your new blog!

By doing these steps, over time, you will repeatedly see more and more traffic to your blog.

As you continue to grow as a writer and a content producer, you’ll continue to build on your SEO, backlinks, email list, and push notification list.

This will expand your blog’s reach, and thus, the number of visitors.

If you repeat this process over and over again, you can expect to reach 10,000 visitors in no time.

And if you want to take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level, consider working with our Internet marketing agency.

We help hundreds of small businesses in every aspect of digital marketing. Now it’s time for your business to shine, contact us today!

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