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7 Tips on How to Make Attention Grabbing Digital Marketing Graphics

Marketing graphics, specifically digital marketing graphics, have one goal.

And that is to catch the attention of potential customers, which is an average of 5-6 seconds.

In those 5-6 seconds you have to reel your audience in long enough that they want to seek out your product.

What’s great about digital marketing is that you have a wider variety of media features at your disposal.

So in today’s post, we’re going to talk about how to optimize your digital marketing graphics so you can catch the attention of your clients.

7 Tips To Optimize & Create Enticing Digital Marketing Graphics

  1. Keep your message clear and visible
  2. Use great typography
  3. Incorporate your branding
  4. Use color psychology
  5. Incorporate high-quality images
  6. Use moving graphics
  7. Use music

1. Keep your message clear and visible

digital marketing graphics

Although it can be tempting to add as much text and elements as possible in your digital marketing graphics…

…crowding an image can make the viewer feel overwhelmed, making the graphic less attention-grabbing and more of a chore to look at.

This will also depend on the nature of your business, but in general, one main headline is enough.

This can be accompanied by a call-to-action button and a few complementing elements.

But, the caption can contain the bulk of the information so that your graphic can focus on reeling the viewer in.

2. Use great typography

digital marketing graphics

Don’t get us wrong, the simplicity of using a plain font can be just as powerful depending on the graphic.

But, don’t be scared to try posting images that have some playful typography in them.

When creating digital marketing graphics, use fonts that compliment the nature of your business.

3. Incorporate your branding

digital marketing graphics

We’ve said this here before in our previous blogs, and this rule applies to any graphic you have throughout any of your platforms.

Build a visual presence that looks consistently unique to your business.

Is your branding clean, playful, or a mix of both?

Whatever you decide on, what’s important is that you commit to your visual branding and don’t use anything off-theme.

Speaking of theme, you might want to read our post on creating a theme for business social feed next.

4. Use color psychology

color psychology

Colors can be your key to evoking specific emotions from your viewer.

That is why your branding should be done with color psychology in mind.

But along with your branding, don’t be afraid to incorporate accent colors and elements on special posts.

This is especially important for event themed posts like:

  • Valentine’s day
  • Christmas
  • Halloween

These are events that are heavily associated with specific colors.

5. Incorporate high-quality images

digital marketing graphics

Of all the imagery and elements you use for your digital marketing graphics…

…what’s most important is having high-resolution images of what you’re selling or the service you’re offering.

This is, after all, what you want your clients to be attracted to.

And aside from capturing attention, you want these images to impress your audience.

Be sure to take your product shots in good lighting, and keep your camera or camera phone steady.

We’ve previously done a quick guide on how to create quality product shots with your phone, so be sure to check it out later.

6. Use moving graphics

digital marketing graphics
The human eye is attracted to movement.

And so with this in mind, aside from videos, don’t be scared to use moving graphics for your digital marketing visuals.

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated either.

On Canva, you can try a variety of moving graphic pre-sets and see which of them work best for your visuals.

To see more graphic design ideas, be sure to read this post after.

7. Use music

We’ve talked about attracting attention by using moving graphics, but why stop there?

Music can further elevate the message you’re trying to portray in a graphic.

Are you aiming for an upbeat mood? Do you want to get someone excited over a sale you’re having?

Do you have announcements? Or maybe you are doing a product feature?

All these and more can be presented by moving graphics accompanied by complementing background music.

With that said for both music and moving graphics, don’t use them for every single post.

Otherwise, they’ll lose their special edge over your more regular visuals.

Save them for special posts to fully utilize their impact on your audience.

Wrapping Up

So those are our 7 tips for creating digital marketing graphics that catch viewers’ attention.

Are you planning on using any of the mentioned tips?

Or, have you already been implementing these in your digital marketing? If so, which did you find was most effective in getting engagement?

If you’re one of those marketers who want to take their digital marketing graphics to the next level, our in-house designers would love to help you.

Check out our graphic design services here, or contact us at 404-596-7925 today!

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