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LinkedIn Stories: How To Use It For Your LinkedIn Marketing in 2021

33% of B2B decision makers use LinkedIn to research purchases.

linkedin statistics

And, 43% of B2B marketers said they attributed their sales to LinkedIn, which is more than they reported seeing from Facebook or Twitter.

linkedin statistics

LinkedIn is an important, profitable piece of the marketing funnel for most B2B businesses.

So make sure you’re not missing out on any of the features LinkedIn has to offer- especially free, organic features like LinkedIn Stories!

Today, we’re covering everything you want to know about LinkedIn Stories.

The topics will include what they are, how to create one, and a list of ideas for your business.

Now because this is a pretty comprehensive guide to LinkedIn Stories, we’d advise reading the entire post…

…so that you’re fully prepared to make the most out of LinkedIn Stories, and your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

LinkedIn says:

linkedin stories

LinkedIn Stories enable members and organizations to share images and short videos of their everyday professional moments.

Sharing Stories is an easy way to share your experiences and insights, and to build meaningful relationships with your professional community.

LinkedIn shares Stories that you post for 24 hours.”

A few other important things to note are:

  • You can only post LinkedIn Stories from the LinkedIn mobile app (you’ll need to download the LinkedIn app).
  • To access Stories, you need to make sure you’re using the most recent version of the app.
  • LinkedIn Stories is currently unavailable for our members located in China.

So here are a few examples of what LinkedIn Stories look like.

These are from LinkedIn’s own account sharing ideas for what to post on a LinkedIn Story, and then prompting you to create your own.

And you can see, with the slide bar at the top, how these look in real-time on the viewer’s side, tapping from one slide to the next.

So if you’re familiar with Instagram Stories, these are basically the LinkedIn version of those, just a little more elementary because they’re newer.

Now here’s our post on Instagram Stories for small businesses that you can read next.

How To Create A LinkedIn Story

So when you log into the LinkedIn app on your phone, you’ll land on the home page.

linkedin stories

And then, you should see the option in the top left to add to your own personal Story.

Or, to add a Story for any company pages that you have access to.

In that same lineup, you’ll also see any other Stories published by the people you follow.

And those will not have the create plus sign on them, so if you tap those, it will just play their story.

So click the create plus sign on the story you want to add to.

If you’ve never done this before, the app will prompt you to give it access to everything you usually need to create a story, including your

  • photos,
  • your camera, and
  • your microphone.

So then when it opens your camera screen, these are the icons you’ll see.

This button takes you to your camera roll, if you want to choose an existing photo or video to use.

You can hit the T on the screen to add text and choose between the different fonts they have there.

And then, you can use the big and little T to resize your font.

If you try to pinch the text on the screen when you’re no longer editing it, it won’t resize it as it does on Instagram, if that’s what you’re used to.

So you’ll need to resize it when you’re editing the text here.

You can use your fingers to drag the text around to wherever you want it on the screen.

linkedin stories

If you tap the word again, it’ll take you back into the text-editing mode, and you can hit the colorful circle at the top to choose the color you want your text to be.

And you can choose if you want your text to be left-aligned, right-aligned, or center-aligned.

Once you’re satisfied with your text, just hit done.

Next, if you hit the folder circle next to the Text symbol, this will take you to stickers.

You can add a timestamp, or search for a sticker that’s relevant to what you’re posting about.

They also have polls and question of the day stickers that you can utilize to really engage your audience.

linkedin stories

You can also tap the mention button to mention a company page or a person.

linkedin stories

And then, you can just drag the item to the trash can at the bottom of the screen if you decide you don’t want to put it on your LinkedIn Stories.

You tap the flash button to turn on flash.

And then, you can hit the flip camera button if you want to record on selfie mode.

Then to actually take a photo, you just tap the big circle at the bottom of the screen.

Or you can tap and hold it down to record a video, and let go once you’re done recording.

If you’re curious as to who will see your story before you post it, you can tap the globe in the bottom left for more information.

linkedin stories

If you tap the shapes in the upper right corner, it allows you to rotate and resize your elements on this screen too.

Just be aware that currently, LinkedIn Stories doesn’t provide the same guiding lines that Instagram does.

So if you rotate something, it may be a little tricky to get it perfectly straight again unless you just delete it altogether and re-add it.

They also have the sticker and text buttons on this screen in case you want to add something else really quick before you post.

linkedin stories

Now, there is another icon if you do this for a company page, and that is the link icon.

This gives you the ability to link a page for users to swipe up on when watching your story.

Then if you’re ready to post, just tap Share Story!

And you should see the profile icon of whichever page you’re posting to…

…be it your personal story or your company page story, so you can be sure you’re sharing the right one.

So that’s how you create LinkedIn Stories. Now before we get into ideas of what you can post…

…let’s talk real quick about why you should use LinkedIn Stories in the first place.

Why Use LinkedIn Stories For Your LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn posts with images get 2x higher engagement, and LinkedIn says that story viewers are growing 15x faster than feed content viewers.

linkedin stories

So we think with the placement of stories being the first thing people see in the top left-hand corner going across…

…helps to cut through a lot of the noise and clutter on the feed, and put your brand in front of your target audience easier and more often.

And this is great if you want to build brand awareness and engagement.

LinkedIn Stories also just give your brand a chance to relax a little.

LinkedIn is known for being the “professional” social media app, and all the time we see these strict, formal posts from businesses.

But, stories should allow you to show your brand personality more.

Don’t be afraid to be more creative or humorous with them.

And with that, let’s start getting into our list of LinkedIn Story ideas that you can post for your business.

15 Great LinkedIn Story Ideas

  1. BTS of how you make your product or of you servicing your clients
  2. Your productive morning routine
  3. Q&A answering questions your followers have asked in advance
  4. Fun photos or videos from any team and company events
  5. If you have the poll feature, post polls that are relevant to your business but still fun for your audience to answer (because people love polls)
  6. Provide value in the form of helpful or educational information
  7. Share photos of your customers using your product or service (now better known as user-generated content)
  8. A TikTok trend, but make it relevant to your business
  9. Alert followers of a new video or post you just published on LinkedIn
  10. Keep followers informed of any big company updates or upcoming events they should know about
  11. Make branded templates for your followers to screenshot, fill out, and post to their stories
  12. Show lighthearted and funny highlights of the workday from your team
  13. Share swipe ups to new YouTube videos, or anything exciting and newly published on your website like a blog or lead magnet
  14. Highlight product or service information
  15. Video record yourself sharing your brand story and how your business came to be, or why you have a passion to do what you do.

For the 8th idea, you can read this post on Instagram Reels to learn how you can make a TikTok trend relevant to your business.

The key takeaway here is to make your brand more personable.

Wrapping Up

So there are 15 ideas that should help get you started with LinkedIn Stories.

And if you want to maximize the results you’re getting from your LinkedIn marketing efforts, our team of LYFE savers can help you.

Go to our website now to learn more about our LinkedIn marketing services or contact us to schedule a meeting.

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